September 16, 2021

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‘Candyman’ pushes for much more than horror, will come up short

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There’s a ton likely on — too a great deal going on, in actuality — in “Candyman,” the hard and clever but overstuffed and undercooked reboot/ reimagining/ sequel to the 1992 horror thriller of the exact same identify.

This is a movie with loads of ideas, suggestions about artwork, its operate, its generation and its viewers about gentrification, individuals who gentrify, who advantages and who comes out on the dropping end about police, significantly the crooked form, who function the inner-city conquer about the historical past of horror films and their intent and about the way Blackness fits into all of the aforementioned subjects. It is a racial allegory as boogeyman tale, but for a film with so substantially on its thoughts, “Candyman” arrives off like it can be not sure what it is hoping to say.  

The great Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (go check out him in the “Hanging Vipers” episode of “Black Mirror”) plays Anthony McCoy, a soaring artist in the Chicago artwork environment whose girlfriend Brianna (Teyonah Parris, “WandaVision”) is an art director in the similar neighborhood. Anthony’s provocative pieces and artistic eyesight direct him to inquire about the legend of Candyman, a urban legend figure who once haunted Chicago’s Cabrini-Inexperienced housing jobs, who has a hook for a hand and is stated to surface if his name is claimed into a mirror five periods. (Beetlejuice is just 3 occasions and not into a mirror, lest you turn into baffled.)  

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