October 22, 2021

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Chasing the Light – richmondmagazine.com

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When is a stairway not a mere stairway?  

The concern is answered in “Fleeting Light,” an exhibition of the latest photography of Alex Nyerges on see by way of July 23 at the Reynolds Gallery satellite at 401 Libbie Ave. Nyerges is recognized to many as the director of the Virginia Museum of Wonderful Arts. During the previous 40 yrs, however, he’s also pursued the practice of art images.  

“When I see a thing that inspires me,” Nyerges explains, “I believe in black and white.”  

On celebration, nonetheless, the circumstances encourage him otherwise. He describes the origin of “El Segundo Coloration II,” created during a January 2020 pre-pandemic collecting of relatives at a cafe. A sudden burst of fading sunlight barreled down a staircase across from in which they ended up sitting.  

“The color was magical,” Nyerges recollects. He crossed to the other facet of the area to get a viewpoint on the light, which by then tended towards jade. “The persons functioning at the restaurant must’ve questioned what I was executing, ‘It’s a stairway.’ But I needed to capture that momentary splendor.” 

Just after the light-weight moved, the beguiling variables vanished.  

He typically will take a lot of photos of the identical scene, more than and about. “No two pictures, even of the similar topic, are ever the exact,” Nyerges claims. “The variables are a lot of: The year, time of day and, especially together the river wherever I normally choose these pictures, the water degrees, the climate and environment perform an important function.”  

A case in stage is his mysterious black-and-white “James River Fog II,” a 40-by-60-inch impression depicting Blackbird Island throughout from the American Civil War Museum. To some, this island might resemble a good ghost sailing ship, the leafless trees as masts, and the bow rising from fog. It is a trick of an eye tuned to mild and atmosphere.  

“The impression you see when you are seeking at it by way of the lens is not the impression that exhibits up on the negative in its raw form,” Nyerges says.  

Qualities surface that maybe one did not see when the shutter snapped an errant leaf (that can be eliminated in advance of printing), or a gentleman sitting in a camp chair resembling to Nyerges a Renaissance church cardinal amid the tangle of a James River island (he stayed in the ultimate photo).

Nyerges’ working day occupation typically involves global travel. He is aware of the streets of Beijing as he is acquainted with paths along the James River. Anywhere he is, what matters is a specific instant viewed in a discerning method. 

“Light differs, atmospheric circumstances fluctuate, the time of working day — though most of my function is in the early morning,” Nyerges states. If he’s picture-having at a later on hour, the situation involve the play of distinction and shadows, and the photographer chases fleeting light.    

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