January 22, 2022

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Check out a Photographer Skillfully Light-weight-Paint Swans Into a Lake

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Finnish gentle-portray photographer Hannu Huhtamo has shared a fascinating driving-the-scenes look at how he not long ago made a picture of light-weight swans floating on a lake.

Huhtamo is a Helsinki-based photographer who has been combining gentle art and very long exposure images because 2008. His intricate light portray pics have now captured the Internet’s consideration for more than a ten years and have been showcased in exhibitions close to the planet.

Though a big percentage of Huhtamo’s do the job displays abstract mild paintings in several landscapes, Huhtamo is also qualified at drawing a lot more recognizable subjects with mild, as his swan photograph, titled Serenity, proves.

Here’s a 56-2nd video shot by Huhtamo’s wife, Sanna, demonstrating how he very carefully paints in every of the sections of the swans with different kinds of lights:

While any digicam that supports long or indefinite exposure occasions can be utilized for mild painting pictures, gentle portray photographers usually do not see what they’ve established right until following a very long publicity is concluded — Huhtamo’s use of an Olympus camera lets the photo’s development to be previewed are living as he’s painting with light-weight.

“Olympus cameras have a exclusive function referred to as Dwell Composite method that will allow you to set the foundation publicity time and then the digicam stacks several frames (exposures) into one particular impression in serious-time,” writes Huhtamo on Facebook, as noticed by Digital Camera Entire world. “I don black garments and I’m frequently shifting through the publicity. […] If I’d keep in the very same place, my silhouette would be witnessed.

“With Stay Composite you can also keep away from around-uncovered pictures. [The] digicam will select up modifications in light-weight only if the up coming body has brighter areas than the earlier frame had. No Photoshop or any other submit-processing, straight out of the digicam.”

The photograph was captured in Lake Saimaa in southeastern Finland on the night of July 26th.

“I just had to do some gentle drawing in front of this astounding scene,” the photographer writes. “Mosquitos all more than me and compact toddler perches have been nibbling my toes as I stood in drinking water with bare feet.”

In addition to light-weight painting, Olympus also implies trying Dwell Composite for fireworks, street scenes, star trails, clouds, lightning, and portrait backgrounds. If you are fascinated in Olympus’ exclusive Dwell Composite feature, you can discover it in most of the brand’s most up-to-date cameras throughout the OM-D, PEN, and Hard lines.

You can discover much more of Huhtamo’s operate on his web site, Fb, and Instagram.

Image credits: Photograph by Hannu Huhtamo and employed with permission

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