October 20, 2021

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Family-fun things to do in NYC now

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Want to know when is the best time to visit, New York City, arguably the greatest city in the universe? 


You can avoid traffic jams and crowds by visiting the Big Apple in the summer, when its residents flee it. While its denizens are sunning themselves in the Hamptons, you and your family can swoop in and enjoy all the wonderful, relatively new and mostly free things the world’s No. 1 City has to offer.

Here are just some of them. 

Little Island, Manhattan   

The view from the

It took five years to build, but finally Little Island, media mogul Barry Diller’s $260-million public park, has opened. It is, in a word, cool. Make that, super cool. A marvel of design — it looks like a cosmic bouquet of tulips that miraculously sprouted out of the Hudson River by 13th Street (the 2.4 acre park floats over the water) — Little Park offers drop-dead views (hello, Hoboken; hey there, World Trade Center) and a breezy lush green oasis in what is arguably the nation’s most frenetic city. It is currently New York’s hottest attraction.

And, it’s free.

The Amphitheater at Little Island

What to do: Marvel. The views are spectacular from every corner: follow the boats on the river, admire the city’s surreal skyscrapers, look out onto the nearby Meatpacking District. Take lots of photos. And, if you plan ahead, catch the entertainment offered nearly every day and lots of evenings. Little Island has a modern all-wood amphitheater — it’s called the Amph and it was placed to provide glorious sunset views — and a smaller theater. Check its calendar online for dance, music and theatrical performances (kids’ shows too). 

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