August 16, 2022

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Fb, Wildlife of Worcester County, photography, very long-tailed weasels

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This column frequently options fantastic shooters — most typically archers who acquire giant whitetail bucks in the course of the November rut. But Worcester County is privileged to have some of the most gifted photographic shooters who capture wild splendor, drama and magic with their cameras.

Weaponized with strong Canons and Nikons, some of the most generous of them share their remarkable trophies on Facebook’s Wildlife of Worcester County and Beyond — a website page perfectly well worth on a regular basis going to. John Randell, Linda Beique, Michael Stefanik, Rick Alain, Kathy Hale, Dan Prosser, John Anderson and Candi Gaulit arrive to mind for their excellence. We should not be amazed by the good photographs of Stefanik and Anderson. Both spent a life span as professional photographers. Stefanik gave up his guns and bow to shoot telephotos all about the nation.

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