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How to Remedy the Red Household Butterfly Puzzle (Remedy) – The Medium Wiki Manual

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Acquiring eventually created it to the Pink Property, climb the established of of stairs and make your way to the dwelling area.

When coming into the home, you will first of all want to interact with the locked Dollhouse on the table, followed by the Butterfly body that can be located amongst the ruins on the flooring when turning all over.With these both equally out of the way, decide up the two pictures that can be located on the ground.

These can be uncovered in close proximity to the Dollhouse and Butterfly frame. And lastly, decide up the photograph that is sitting on major of the fireplace.With all a few photos gathered, area them down in the following purchase:

  • Remaining: Tall Rectangular Body
  • Middle: Round Body
  • Correct: Lengthy Rectangular Body.

If the pictures had been position in the suitable purchase, the hearth will glow.

With the photographs positioned accurately, enter the mirror that’s discovered in close proximity to the entrance of the space.

The moment you happen to be inside of the spirit planet, head towards the fire and select up the Mask of Pleasure which is sitting down inside the pit.

Right before leaving the room, use your knife to minimize open the skin sack that is positioned alongside the appropriate side of the home. Within you can find a Red Butterfly within – select it up. Owning picked up both the Mask of Pleasure and the Crimson Butterfly, return back to the content planet. As soon as you’ve returned, you can find that the Dollhouse has now unlocked.

How to Find the Butterflies and Masks in the Bedrooms

Upon interacting with the Dollhouse, you can expect to come across a smaller mirror inside the property. Select up the mirror and location it on the wall inside the top ideal bed room. With the mirror in position, enter the mirror in the primary household.


When coming into the mirror, you can be taken to the spirit world’s edition of the prime suitable bedroom. When you are inside the room, head towards the base of the bed and interact with the trunk.

Here you will want to put the Pink Butterfly you uncovered previously in the first slot on the board. Right after placing the butterfly on the board, head in the direction of the bedside desk and cut open up the pores and skin sack. You are going to uncover a yellow butterfly inside. Just like right before, head to the trunk at the base of the bed and area the yellow butterfly in the 2nd slot.

When you happen to be prepared to go on, return to the material world and put the modest Dollhouse mirror in the Top rated Left Place.

How To Uncover The Butterfly and Mask in the Best Remaining Area

On entering the Prime Left Area by means of the mirror in the burnt down house, select up the Fish Toy from the table which is together the left wall. Upon finding up the toy, you will obtain a pores and skin sack not as well much to your suitable – slash it open up and consider the Blue Butterfly.Once you’ve got grabbed the butterfly, make your way towards the mattress and examine the pillow – here you will come across the Mask of Calm.Relocating to the correct side of the home, you may encounter a Pores and skin Wall.

Cut the pores and skin and you are going to explore a tea celebration environment with a few relatively creepy dolls. 1st, place the Mask of Joy on the still left doll and the Mask of Relaxed on the doll in the center.With the two masks put on the dolls, return to the material earth. Utilizing the Dollhouse, spot the mirror in the Prime Suitable Room and use the main mirror by the entrance.

How to Open the Trunk at the Conclude of the Bed

Once you happen to be in the Top Proper bedroom, look for the cell in the still left corner of the home and put the Fish Toy on the cellular. Following a memory of the past, pick up the White Butterfly and place it in the third slot. Eventually, area the Blue Butterfly in the fourth and last slot in buy to open the trunk.Within the trunk, you will obtain the ultimate mask of the puzzle – the Mask of Surprise. Exit the room and use the Dollhouse to return to the Prime Right Room.

Returning to the home, head to the tea bash location and location the Mask of Surprise on the ultimate (suitable) doll.Upon putting the closing mask on the doll, you can expect to be swarmed by moths. Moving speedily, endure the onslaught of moths as you endeavor to move by means of the mirror. When returning to the content environment, the mirror will crack into parts – which will now allow for you accessibility to the basement.For a entire guide on solving the Basement Mix puzzle, appear no further than our information below.

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