October 6, 2022

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Love Island makeup tricks: How to get that summer glow with beauty expert Angela Mongan

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It’s that time of year again when the bronzed and beautiful babes of Love Island grace our screens.

With their glossy lips, voluptuous curves and dazzling eyes, they capture the nation’s attention for one hour every night.

While we all sit back with our popcorn and fluffy pyjamas we can’t help but wonder how they get the look.

Are they naturally beautiful, or have they had a little help to make them look drop-dead gorgeous?


Stunning Faye Winter, with her fabulous golden tresses and amazing figure, is 22 years old and a lettings manager.

On the show she comes across as both bubbly and funny. Her smile is captivating with her sparkly pearly whites shimmering across the screen – not to mention her seductive lips that are ready for action.

Fillers would come to mind when watching Faye speak. However, this look can be easily achieved by over-exaggerating your lip pencil and doubling up on your gloss.

Doll Beauty have a fabulous range of super glossy lip glosses. My favourite is the clear gloss. It feels like jelly and tastes divine. It costs €15.47 and is available from dollbeauty.com


Blonde Chloe Burrows is 25 years old and a financial services marketing executive.

She knocked us out with her super-fit toned body and glowing skin.

To get silky smooth skin like Chloe try Green Angel Sunrise Magic Seaweed Body Smoother. This product is so luxurious and filled with lemon and grapefruit oils.

It is made with four types of hand–harvested organic Irish seaweed. It actually feels like honey-coated sugar and smells divine.

While in the shower use a generous amount and gently rub into the skin before rinsing off. It costs €39 and is available from greenangel.com


Kaz Kamwi is a 26-year-old fashion blogger who took our breath away with her beautiful sun-kissed skin.

She has the perfect pout along with a super smooth jaw line and nose.

Her facial bone structure looks like a work of art. This look can be easily copied with the clever use of highlighters and contours.

Using the dark contour follow the bone structure on the chin, cheeks and jaw, then highlight outside that area to give the impression of a well-defined bone structure.

Lightly dust some highlighter around the area to give that clever toned look.

Pop some Green Angel seaweed and Aragon body oil on the body, wait until it dries then, add Green Angel calming body lotion, to give that extra glisten . It’s packed with some beautiful ingredients.

Geranium pure essential oil helps calm and relax the body and helps promote radiant skin. Neroli gives the Argan oil its beautiful scent.

A special summer edition means they come in together in a gift box. It costs €29 and is available from greenangel.com


Shannon Singh

Shannon Singh is a 22-year-old model who sadly for her has had to leave the show already – but she could be back. She oozes fun and excitement and is one of my favourites. I do hope she returns.

This golden-skinned goddess is a very confident woman bursting with energy. To get her look, when putting your false tan on you can add a little bit extra along the cleavage area.

This gives the appearance of depth and fullness then simply highlight around it to give that little bit of shimmer.

One of my favourite fake tans is from bBold it’s called BBold Super Serum. and it comes in two shades: medium or dark, is packed full of Vitamins A, C and E, which soothe, moisturise and brighten your skin.

You too can get the Love Island look with this beautiful tan by bBold. It costs €14.95 from b-bold.ie


Liberty Poole is a saucy 21-year-old and is a waitress and marketing student. She is a bundle of fun and describes herself as a “social butterfly”.

Her blonde hair and cheeky grin leaves us gasping to see what she will add to the TV series.

Her beautiful blue eyes are enhanced by clusters of false lashes which give her a dark sultry look.

By adding your favourite lashes and velvet black eyeliner you too can get this effect. Doll Beauty has tons of fantastic fun filled lashes, with tons of length and volume and they only cost €11.91.

Her bleached blonde locks are gently highlighted and fall over her shoulder. Hair extensions will give you that fullness with whatever length you want.

To get the Love Island hair look, Hairspray have the answer. They have a beautiful Kate 3 Piece Wavy Clip-In 22inch wavy full of volume and length. It is so simple to use and is an instant game changer, ideal for special occasions or nights out. It comes with one wide long clip in and two small in width clip-ins for sides. It costs €34.95 and is available from hairspray.ie


Sharon Gaffka

Sharon Gaffka is a 25-year-old civil servant and is a natural beauty.

Showing that ‘less is more’ when it comes to makeup, Sharon goes for a light-textured foundation with a strong brow. Her skin is flawless and it gives the impression that she may have undergone some skin rejuvenation.

Although these treatments can give you the soft blemish free texture, achieving this can be easy using the right products.

Start by choosing a good primer for your skin, as this helps your makeup glide on, then choose a concealer that works with your natural skin tone.

The key to getting this look is finding a satin-smooth dewy foundation. Making sure it’s light in texture is so important as you don’t want to have a caked-on effect. Dust on some finishing powder to seal.

While these beauties might look like the sexiest things on heels on our screens nightly, they are using little beauty secrets like the ones I’ve mentioned.

So with the clever application of makeup, there’s nothing to stop you looking like a Love Island babe this summer as well!

Follow Angela on Instagram angela_mongan_ . For further information, contact Angela on angelamongan@gmail.com.

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