January 22, 2022

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Netflix review: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s songs lifts ‘Vivo’

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A scene from ‘Vivo.’ Handout

Aged musician Andres Hernandez gained a living playing songs with his cute pet kinkajou named Vivo at the park in Havana. 1 working day, a well-known singer Marta Sandoval invited Andres to sign up for her onstage in her live performance in Miami. Andres experienced beloved Marta when they ended up companions in new music prior to, but Andres experienced not been able to confess his inner thoughts of enjoy for her in advance of she still left for the US to go after her singing vocation. 

When Andres could not make the journey, Vivo resolved to bring the music Andres wrote for Marta to her, with the enable of Andres’ grand-niece from Essential West, Gabi. Gabi was a feisty 10-yr outdated minor female with purple hair who marched to the conquer of her possess drum, much to the distress of her concerned mother Rosa. When Gabi recognized Vivo’s mission, she brought him and the track to Miami in time so Marta could somehow get carry out it.

This new Sony Animations movie performed seriously on the musical stylings of Havana, Cuba to its highly fantastical story of undeclared enjoy and unflinching loyalty. You can hear Lin-Manuel Miranda sprightly tenor vocals obviously from the syncopated “Hamilton”-like beats of the opening tracks “One of a Kind” showcasing the prosperous baritone singing voice of Cuban bandleader Juan de Marcos Gonzalez. Aside from his distinctive rapping, Miranda would also belt out a ballad “A single More Tune.”


Miranda’s earworm-y music “Hold the Beat” showcased the idiosyncratic significant-pitched vocals of Ynairaly Simo as Gabi. Her distinctive singing voice will acquire some time to get made use of to as it can be too energetic for ease and comfort, in particular in her solo “My Individual Drum.” It was so coronary heart-warming to listen to the earthy vocals of ’80s pop star Gloria Estefan once more singing as Marta. Her spotlight is her rendition of “Inside Your Coronary heart,” the enjoy track Andres wrote for Marta. 

Whilst the idea of employing a kinkajou as a central character was cute, the film awkwardly made use of the environmental advocacy of the girl scouts as a major region of conflict. The key story of a little one likely versus the wishes of a mother or father is now a very frequent theme in these kids movies. 

The “exciting” misadventures of Gabi and Vivo en route to Miami — biking significant-velocity on an expressway, making an attempt to leap across an opening drawbridge, driving a makeshift raft as a result of the Everglades swamp with all the alligators and snakes — may perhaps be much too terrifying for little little ones. 

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