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Who is Boro in Brand name New Cherry Flavor? Supernatural origins explained

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Brand New Cherry Taste is just one of the most bizarre, amazing and exclusive series to get there on Netflix in modern yrs.

Set in 1990s Los Angeles, the horror collection tells the story of Lisa Nova, an aspiring filmmaker who rapidly realises the ferocity that lies in just the backstabbing environment of Hollywood.

In her instant of have to have, Lisa turns to a mysterious girl named Boro but there’s some thing oddly supernatural about the character.

As these kinds of, Brand New Cherry Flavor admirers have been remaining inquiring just who (or what) Boro is.

Manufacturer New Cherry Flavor: Confined Series | Formal Trailer | Netflix



Brand New Cherry Flavor: Confined Sequence | Official Trailer | Netflix






Release date and plot

Brand New Cherry Taste made its way on to Netflix on Friday, August 13th, 2021.

Dependent on the book by Todd Grimson and starring Rosa Salazar, the eight-episode limited series tells the tale of aspiring film director, Lisa Nova.

Lisa ventures to 1990s Los Angeles and is useless set on directing her to start with motion picture but when she areas her have faith in in the incorrect person, she immediately realises the ferocity of the backstabbing environment that is Hollywood.

Dropped and alone, Lisa turns to a mysterious cat fanatic named Boro who likes to place curses on men and women and matters speedily descend into supernatural insanity.


Who is Boro in Manufacturer New Cherry Flavor?

  • Boro is essentially the spirit of a 900-12 months-outdated South American person who has inhabited numerous bodies about the generations in buy to survive.

Boro is introduced in Brand New Cherry Flavor’s opening episode and swiftly will take an curiosity in Lisa’s scenario following she falls in with manipulative movie producer, Lou Burke, and presents to aid Lisa set a curse on him for double-crossing her.

The motivations and origins of the cat-loving Boro remain unclear for various episodes but immediately after Lisa has nearly been crushed to death in episode 6, all is discovered.

Boro is basically the spirit of a South American man from nearly 1,000 years in the past who has been forced to inhabit different bodies over the centureis in purchase to survive, his latest host currently being a girl named Jennifer.


It’s described that this South American person (who Boro names James Dean to enable retain items uncomplicated) arrived across a majestic white jaguar when looking in th rainforest.

Instead than the jaguar killing James Dean, even so, the two rather have sexual intercourse and the jaguar leaves some of its powers to James Dean, expecting an giving in return later down the line, the sacrifice of his spouse.

Not seeking to give up his wife, James Dean looks to trick the white jaguar but the plan doesn’t operate and the jaguar returns to get rid of James Dean.

Nonetheless, following currently being still left for dead, James Dean made use of up the past of his strength to bounce into a different overall body.

For the past 900 many years, James Dean, who has morphed into the currently being identified as Boro, has been leaping concerning countless bodies in get to endure.


Brand name New Cherry Taste is available to stream now on Netflix right after releasing on August 13th, 2021.

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